Get Countertop Modification Services In Cape Coral, Fort Myers & Fort Myers Beach, FL

Don't Let Your Counters Dictate Your New Appliances

Finding new appliances that fit with your current countertops is harder than it seems. But you don't have to stress. Affordable Countertop Restorations, LLC offers countertop modification services in Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Fort Myers Beach, FL and the surrounding area. Our team can adjust your countertops to accommodate the appliances you want.

If you want to modify existing granite countertops, reach out to us right away.

When would you need a countertop adjustment?

When would you need a countertop adjustment?

While you may want to adjust your countertops to fit new appliances, that's not the only time you'd need this service. You may also need to modify existing granite countertops if you're:

Updating your sink
Repairing an undermount sink
Installing a faucet soap dispenser

Don't let your countertops hold you back from getting the appliances and fixtures you want. Set up an appointment for our countertop modification services today.